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90 Seconds of Wisdom

Additional Tips to Prevent from Scams
April 2024

As a follow up to Nick's 90 Seconds of Wisdom about Cyber/Imposter Scammers, Sarah Bury, Wealth Manager, shares tips
to help prevent you from falling victim to Social Security Administration imposters. Please watch Sarah's 90 Seconds of Wisdom below.

Additional information from the Social Security Administration available here:

Cyber/Imposter Scammers
February 2024

In our latest segment, Nick Romeo, Wealth Manager, shares how to protect yourself from Cyber/Imposter Scammers.
We chose this topic after watching Andy Cohen appear on the Today Show to talk about how he was a victim.
Please watch Nick's 90 Seconds of Wisdom and visit the additional link below if you missed Andy's story.

From the Today Show: Andy Cohen Recounts Ordeal of Losing Money in Elaborate Scam

New Year Financial Planning
January 2024

The beginning of a new year is a good opportunity to evaluate ways to save more, pay off debt and get a better overall handle on your finances. 
Bill Nock, Paraplanner, reviews important items to consider as you set your financial goals for 2024 in this installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom. 

Charitable Giving
October 2023

With the holidays and year-end quickly approaching, Kelcie Schiraldi, Financial Advisor, takes this installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom
to discuss Charitable Giving. She explains strategies that could provide an investment or tax benefit to you while also helping your favorite charities.

30 Year Returns vs. 1 Year Returns
August 2023

Todd Bury, President, shares why we should consider 30 year returns versus 1 year returns when planning long-term.
Sharing a chart from a Ben Carlson blog post, titled a Wealth of Common Sense, you'll see that the 1 year returns can be all over the map
while 30 year returns don't change all that much.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
June 2023

Nick Romeo, Paraplanner and one of the newest members of our BFG Team, draws from his technology background to explain
how we might expect to see artificial intelligence put to work in the financial industry in this June installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom.

Target-Date Funds
May 2023

Kelcie Schiraldi, Financial Advisor, describes how target-date funds in your 401(k) can provide a
well-diversified option that adjusts to your life stages in this May installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom. 

Brokered CDs
April 2023

Brian Laraway, Partner, explains the difference between the brokered CDs that we provide and
those purchased from banks in this April installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom.

Tax Forms
March 2023

Kelcie Schiraldi, Financial Advisor, explains what type of tax forms you should expect and
how long it might take to receive them in our March installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom. 

Adding CDs and Money Markets to Your Portfolio
February 2023

Todd Bury, President, discusses how CDs and money markets could become
a valuable piece of your portfolio in our February installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom. 

529 Plans: What You Need to Know
January 2023

Greg Gett, CPA, MBA, Financial Advisor, reviews important information regarding 529 plans in our January installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom.

Mid-Term Election Statistics
November 2022

Brian Laraway, Partner, presents non-partisan information for you to consider
regarding the upcoming mid-term election in our November installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom.

The Importance of Beneficiaries
October 2022

Kelcie Schiraldi CPA/PFS, CFP®, Financial Advisor, explains the importance of properly naming beneficiaries
on all of your accounts in this installment of 90 Seconds of Wisdom. 

What You Should Know About I Bonds
September 2022

David Maxwell, Financial Advisor, presents information about I Bonds so you can determine if they are a fit for your portfolio.
To learn more, please visit the website that David references in the video: I Bonds

Introduction and 3 Ways to React in a Bear Market
August 2022

Our founder, Todd Bury, provides an introduction of this new segment, 90 Seconds of Wisdom.
He also explains 3 ways that you can react in a bear market.